SHE - Curated by Elizabeth Tinglof


Exhibition: September 8 -29, 2018
Reception: Saturday September 8, 6-9pm
Artist Talk + Closing Saturday September, 29, 3-5pm.
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Launch LA
170 South La Brea AvenueLos Angeles, CA, 90036
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SHe is an exhibition of artists who through contemporary interpretation are exploring what it means to portray the female persona. Rediscovering the art of depiction, informed by historic imagery each artist translates their own construction of identity as it questions the face of femininity.

The rendering of the female figure within the context of the history of painting opens dialogues of superiority, fragility, sexuality and how society engages with issues of gender. Both object and subject, the female body in art has been made to convey many aspects of society throughout history.

Portraiture in the widest sense can be defined as the representation of an individual creating the thread of what qualifies as a portrait and how contemporary artists reflect upon this rich yet charged history in their own portrayals of women. Consciously influenced by historic modes of portraiture, these artists create poignant works whose contemporaneity is rooted in their awareness of what has come before.

-Elizabeth Tinglof

Kim Tucker
J Michael Walker
Douglas Tausik Ryder
Andrea Patrie
Deborah Martin
Cima Rahmankhah
Sara Alavikia
FLOAT (Kate Parsons and Ben Vance)
Kristine Schomaker
Annelie Mckenzie
Phung Huynh