Let Me Eat Cake
Curated by Kristine Schomaker

Let Me Eat Cake is one of sweet, decadence mixed with extravagant color, texture, smell and more. It is a room filled with luscious desserts that come in the form of paintings, sculpture, photography, a real art cake and more!! Kristine has always loved the Baroque and Rococo. This show may be a celebration of food, the sustenance of life. but it also has an underlying current of how food is used for comfort as she is discovering while working through a life of disordered eating. “Let Me Eat Cake” may be an homage to those who are able to overcome adversity. It may be sweetness overload or a diabetic coma. It may be a commentary on the state of the U.S. Right now.
It may be just a way to bring together many friends and celebrate the life we are able to live in Los Angeles.

Past Down - 2018
By Elizabeth Tinglof