Paradoxically In Harmony

Elizabeth Tinglof, Around the Bend, 2014

The City Is Brewing With Micro-Culture

Opening Reception: March 6, 2014 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Exhibition Dates: March 8 - 15,  2014  
Location: 13709 Cordary Avenue, Hawthorne CA, 90250

The newest cultural hub to emerge from the city of Hawthorne is located in a nondescript industrial garage complex oddly juxtaposed in a quiet neighborhood on Cordary Avenue. Among the garages occupied by mechanics, woodworkers, and artisans is the conceptual blending artist Thinh Nguyen, who will be hosting the exhibition Paradoxically in Harmony.

Featured works include the New York-based duo, artists Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo along with two Los Angeles-based artists Connie DK Lane and Elizabeth Tinglof. The opening reception on Saturday, March 8th from 6 to 9 pm will include curbside food truck catering for patrons, and live music performances by Special Blend.

Michele Beck and Jorge Calvo will exhibit their collaborative videos that they been producing together over the years. Their work is in-depth research of cognitive speech and the human body as a tool for social interaction- the relationship between time and human life cycle, the mind/ body dichotomy and the notion of free will. These timely topics focus on the interconnectivity of past, present and future, while mass media and consumer culture keeps the public propagandized about historical and current events.

Connie DK Lane will show her recent sculptural forms that are both biomorphic and surreal, resting somewhere between abstraction and representation. The sculptures are evocative of human or animal parts without direct reference to them calling upon her subconscious play with the materials and fading memories that evolve into concrete visceral experiences.

Elizabeth Tinglof will be presenting her fusion of painting and sculpture that begins as an exploration of materiality. The installations are made from synthetic materials that are subjected to unnatural and unpredictable processes, whereas the paintings become sculptures - resulting in the painting reject their pictorial space by assuming a three dimensional presence.

Neighboring studios in the complex open during the reception will include renowned sculptor Robert Wilhite, and talents such as Axel Wilhite, Sean Mcgaughey, Scott Meskill, and multimedia artist Paulin Paris. Both Meskill and Paris will introduce their own curatorial artists, which will include multimedia artists Shannon Donnelly and Shaolin Monk Wang Bo. Included in this open studio circuit for his first California show is artist Martin Lacroix who lives and work in France. Although these studios are in an unexpected location, they are brewing with cultural events every three-month featuring works of local, national, and international artists.

For more information about this event, the featured artists or for appointments, please contact: Thinh Nguyen, or call 714-345-5086 during regular business hours